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Important COVID-19 Related Security Notice


Dear Tulane Community,


During this time of emergency, phishing campaigns via email, phone calls, text messages, and social media messaging platforms may become more frequent.

 Please be on alert for emails or messages that may request sensitive information.


Several Higher Ed Institutions have reported phishing emails that claim to be from the CDC, WHO, and/or other governing bodies containing references to COVID-19 and Coronavirus. These emails may contain malicious links or file attachments.


The Information Security team would like to encourage staff, students, and faculty members to take the following precautions:


  • Avoid clicking links in unsolicited emails, chats, text messages, and be cautious of any email attachments, especially if the attachment prompts you to login or validate your credentials (username and password).
  • If an email or email attachment prompts you for your username, password, or other information, please close the email and forward it to security@tulane.edu so it can be investigated.
  • It is recommended to reset your password if you haven't reset it in the past 120 days. Please use a strong password and not one that has been used previously.
  • Be wary of emails/chats requesting personal information such as phone numbers, address, banking information, or SSN. 
  • If the message or file you receive seems suspicious in any way, do not open it, and report it to security@tulane.edu – The security team will be happy to assist.