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New Password Expiration Policy for Tulane Student Accounts

With the increase in phishing email attacks on the higher education community, Tulane leadership is expanding our account password expiration policy to include student, affiliate, and emeritus accounts, beginning in Spring 2022. The policy requires that passwords expire after 180 days. Students will receive email notices every 14, 7, and 1 day(s) from reminding them that their password word will expire soon.

We highly encourage students to promptly change their password as soon as they receive a notice to avoid being locked out of their account. A locked account will prevent access to all of Tulane’s applications and portals including but not limited to email, WiFi, Gibson, Canvas, Zoom, Teams, and Splash Card accounts.

Students may change their passwords at any time using the self-service password portal.

Disclaimer: If a student is locked out of their account because they did not change their password before the expiration date, faculty are not responsible or accountable for allowing the student extra time to complete tests, quizzes, or assignments.

Questions? Contact the Service Desk,

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