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Setting Teams and Sharepoint site defaults to Private

Last week, two student reporters from the Tulane Hullabaloo alerted us that some TUPD documents/reports that were intended to be private were unfortunately accessible through a Microsoft 365 Unified Group’s site to people on the Tulane University network. In response:

  • The Unified Group has now been set to private so that the information is no longer accessible to unauthorized individuals.
  • A review of the audit logs indicate that the TUPD documents/reports were only accessed by the two students who alerted us to this issue.
  • An internal investigation is currently underway 
  • While the overwhelming majority of Microsoft Unified Groups and Teams sites are set to private by default, in an abundance of caution, all public Unified Groups and Teams sites have been changed to private, and owners of these sites must actively make the decision to explicitly change them to public channels as necessary.