Unpacking cloud storage, OneDrive and Box at a time

Cloud Storage: pictures, contacts, documents, files, music, videos, sharing and more.

Benefits of cloud storage

  1. Convenient & Flexible | Access from any device with a network connection, at anytime​​​​​​.

  2. Compliant | Covers all your data compliance and regulatory needs — including HIPAA, FERPA, GxP Validation, FedRAMP, and more.

  3. Safe & Secure  | Store valuable and highly sensitive data, all while reducing financial, legal, and reputational risk. 

  4. Disaster Recovery Backup & File Sharing | Backup, share, and update files easily from anywhere and any device.

Cloud storage options

Box and OneDrive offers free storage to all Tulane employees and students with their Tulane email address and password. Get started with Box and OneDrive!

Log in to Box using your Tulane email address and password.                Log in to OneDrive using your Tulane email address and password.

Storage limits

Tulane users receive unlimited Box storage and 1 terabyte (roughly 16 (64 GB) iPhones or Samsung Galaxy devices) of OneDrive storage.

Box Drive and OneDrive Desktop Apps

Download the desktop applications for Box and OneDrive to easily access, save, and move your files directly from your desktop or device to your cloud accounts. 

Learn more about Box Drive and OneDrive for desktop.

Tutorials and Trainings

Need help unpacking your cloud storage? Visit the below resources to learn more.