Zoom Security Updates

This site is for all updates regarding Zoom security.

Zoom's Founder and CEO, Eric Yuan, issued a letter in regards to privacy and safety. The full text can be read here.

Zoom changed the default setting for screen sharing in meetings. The new default allows only the Host to share their screen.  This can be changed in the settings if this is not your preference. To read how, please click here.

Zoom has released an important security patch. For information on how to install, please see below.


If you already have the Zoom desktop client installed, you can check for updates:

  1. Sign in to Zoom desktop client
  2. Click your profile picture at the top right

Zoom Screenshot

  1. If you don't have a profile picture, it will display your initials in a colored square:
    Zoom Screenshot

  2. Click Check for Updates.

    Screenshot of "Check for Updates" button
  3. A window will pop up and tell you if an update is available

    Update Available page screenshot
  4. The system will process for a few moment, and then you will be able to click Update

    Screenshot of update button
  5. The updates will install

    Screenshot of install box
  6. When the installer is finished you will be returned to the Zoom home screen.  To verify that the updates installed correctly, click your profile picture again and select Check for Updates
  7. A window should pop up to announce that You are up to date 

    You are Up To Date popup screenshot
  8. Click Close

There is more in depth information available on the Zoom web site: