IT Investment Council


Member Name


Unit Name

Tom Gerace

Assistant Dean for Information Technology

AB Freeman School of Business

Adam Modesitt

Assistant Professor

School of Architecture

Jeremy Bock

Associate Professor

School of Law

Vicki Mayer

Associate Dean and Professor

School of Liberal Arts

Lee Hamm

Senior Vice President and Dean

School of Medicine

Suri Duitch


School of Professional Advancement

John Lefante

Professor and Chair, Global Biostatistics and Data Science

School of Public Heath and Tropical Medicine

Kimberly Foster


School of Science and Engineering

Joan Blakey

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor

School of Social Work

Jay Rappaport

Director and Chief Academic Officer

Tulane National Primate Research Center

Hugh Long

Professor and Member, Senate Budget Committee

Senate Budget Committee

Scott McKinley

Associate Professor and Chair, Senate IT Committee

Senate IT Committee

Christine Hoffman

Vice President for Campaigns and Admission

Department of Advancement

Adrian Townsend

Director of Business Operations

Campus Services

Satya Dattagupta

Vice President of Enrollment Management

Enrollment Management

Shantay Bolton

Vice President of Human Resources

Human Resources

Noel Wong

Vice President of Information Technology and CIO

Information Technology

David Banush


Libraries and Academic Information

Lee Skinner


Newcomb Tulane College

Giovanni Piedimonte

Vice President of Research

Office of Research

Jim Wandling


University Controller

Robert Morton

Campus Services/Information Technology

Staff Advisory Council

Arianne Sacramento

President, GAPSA

Graduate and Professional Student Association

Joe Sotile

President, USG

Undergraduate Student Government


  Chair (Non-voting Member)- Alysia Loshbaugh, Assistant Vice President of Business Relationship Management, Information Technology