Research Resources

We provide our researchers with cutting-edge technology to advance research and enable new insights. 

Tulane Email Access

Log in with your Tulane username and password.

Password Set Up/Reset

This password is used to access Tulane's available software, applications, and services.

Phone and Voicemail Set Up and Management

Request a Tulane phone number. Setup and manage your Tulane voicemail.

Connect to WiFi 


Scanning and Faxing

Requesting a Device

Please contact your department head or manager for computer or device needs. 

Video conferencing facilities

University Learning Application, Bridge 

Application that houses and tracks all required university training paths for Tulane employees. (I.e., OEHS, Life Safety, HIPAA compliance, cybersecurity, and more.) 

Employee Self-Service Portal 

Tulane’s e-business suite Oracle EBS includes your employee and manager self-service portals, iRecruitment, TAMS, HCM, payroll, accounts payable, general ledger, grants management, and labor distribution applications.  

Grant labor certifications 

Click to read more about Tulane’s Effort Reporting System (ERS)

IT Project Requests

To submit an IT project proposal request, click here

Enroll in multi-factor authentication (MFA)  

Required for Tulane employee self-service portal and email account. 

Download and install premium security software

CrowdStrike endpoint detection and response software is Tulane's enterprise device security solution.  

Connect to a Virtual Private Network  (VPN) 

Many Tulane applications and portals require a secured VPN connection. Find the full list of VPN-required applications and systems or install the Invanti Secure Access client on your device using your Tulane credentials.

Reporting Phishing and Scam Emails  

Quickly and easily flag, mark, or report suspicious/malicious or spam messages using the  Microsoft "Report Message" Add-In from your Tulane email account. 

Cybersecurity Awareness Training 

Learn more about how to identify phishing and scam attempts. 

Log in using your Tulane username (or email) and password. 

Collaboration and Communication 

  • Microsoft 365 (includes Tulane email, Teams, OneDrive, OneNote, SharePoint, and more) 
  • Microsoft Teams  A collaboration tool for faculty, staff, and students that allows you to communicate, collaborate, recording, work, learn, teach, remotely.  
  • Zoom Video Conferencing  Visit or bookmark to log in through the web portal. Download the desktop and mobile applications for easier access at your fingertips. 

Creative Apps Suite 

  • Adobe Creative Cloud: includes Adobe Acrobat, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, and more.

  • Biorender: life science research illustrations, icons, and graphs for your posters, papers, and presentations. Only available to employees and students with an existing Tulane license. As of fall 2023, we are no longer accepting new users. However, you can register for a free account.

Digital Audio Editor 

  • Audacity (available via AppsAnywhere)

Data Dashboards 

  • Power BI 

Data Collection & Survey Tools 

Electronic Research Administration 

  • Cayuse (grant lifecycle management system coming soon) 

Electronic Lab Notebooks 

  • LabArchives Electronic Lab Notebook
  • Lab Archives Scheduler
  • Lab Archives Inventory

Geographical Information Systems 

Learning Management System 

  • Canvas 

Statistics & Analysis 


Cypress-Tulane's HPC 

Requesting a Cypress (High Performance Computer) Account  

All accounts must be associated with a Tulane faculty member who is the Principal Investigator (PI) of his/her research group. Please have your PI contact us at to establish a group on Cypress. (If some members of your group have Cypress accounts, your group is already established.)  

After your group is established, submit a Cypress HPC service request


Architecture Solutions 

Custom HPC Package Solutions 

Data Pipeline Management 

HPC Training 

HPC Code Review 

HPC Parallel Programming 

Technology Project Management 

Vendor Brokering & Negotiation 

Globus (coming soon)  

Cloud Storage 

  • Box- Unlimited, free cloud storage with your Tulane email and password. 
  • OneDrive- 1TB, free cloud storage with your Tulane email and password. 
  • Amazon- Cost TBD. Contact a BRM for more information.  
  • Azure- Cost TBD. Contact a BRM for more information. 

School of Medicine 

  • Graphpad 
    Users outside of School of Medicine may request access to Graphpad.
  • Redcap (coming soon) 

School of Science and Engineering

When applying for funding, grant applicants may be required to submit information about the technology resources their institution provides to aid in research activities. Below we have provided boiler language to use for grant applications.