Tulane University Enterprise Data Warehouse

Tulane University's Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) is a unified database designed to hold all the business information of the organization and makes it accessible across the institution.  The goal of the EDW is to provide purposeful insights and enable data-driven decision making by analyzing current and historical trends.  With input from key stakeholders across campus, the EDW creates a single source of truth for university data.

The EDW will follow data standards and policies set by the Data Governance Council at the university.  Data governance at Tulane University is used to develop processes and methods for managing institutional data, and it equips the university for data security and compliance.  The practice of data governance involves organizational bodies, rules, and decision rights, and it allows for clear-cut policies, procedures, standards, roles, responsibilities, and accountability to ensure that data is well-managed as an enterprise resource.  Membership within the data governance structure will be populated with key stakeholders and representatives from across the university to ensure that all critical perspectives are reflected in our organization, products, and decisions.

Please find the EDW Data Dictionary here to access the data definitions.