Tulane provides three authenticated wireless networks across our campuses. Eduroam connects faculty, staff, students, and affiliates to our secure wireless network and other participating college campuses. Tulane Guest allows campus visitors to join seamlessly and hassle-free for up to 24 hours per session with unlimited usage. Tulane (lowercase) is our dedicated network for all wireless entertainment devices that do not include your computer, mobile device, and tablets. 

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Employee and Student Wireless Network, Eduroam

Secure Wi-Fi for Mobile Devices, Computers, and Tablets

All Tulane employees and students MUST connect their computer, mobile, and tablet devices to our secure Eduroam network. To get started, you will need your Tulane email address and password. Visit wifi.tulane.edu to set up your Wi-Fi connection by following the steps below:

  1. Establish a wireless connection using the Tulane Guest Wi-Fi or personal hotspot if you are on campus or another available wireless network off campus.  
  2. Visit wifi.tulane.edu to install and set up your secure connection.
  3. Check if your device is auto-selected in the "search device box." If not, search for your device from the dropdown menu. 
  4. Click the JoinNow button.
  5. Enter your Tulane email address and password on the authentication page after you install and open the security certificate.

View our Knowledge Base article for detailed configuration information for specific device and operating system information.


Wireless coverage throughout all Tulane campuses, including common areas, classrooms, residence halls, and outdoor areas. Residence halls on both campuses offer one Ethernet connection for each occupant.


Personal Wireless Networks: Students cannot broadcast personal wireless networks using routers. These rogue networks can interfere with the primary wireless network. They also pose a security risk to your personal and Tulane data. 

Wireless Printing: Students cannot operate wireless printers on Tulane wireless networks. Please use a USB cable that connects your printer to your computer. USB cables are available at the Technology Connection store on the first floor of the Lavin-Bernick Center (LBC).

Connecting Wireless Entertainment & ADA Devices


All other devices that require a wireless connection (excluding those that require Eduroam) must connect to the "tulane" Wi-Fi network. These devices include but are not limited to gaming systems, smart TVs and speakers, and streaming and ADA devices. To set up a wireless connection on these devices, follow the steps below:

  1. locate the 12-digit MAC address either in its settings or on the back or bottom of the device.
  2. log in to the tuwac.tcs.tulane.edu portal using your Tulane username (not including the @tulane.edu) and password.
  3. register your device using the MAC address.
  4. wait 15 minutes before connecting the device to the "tulane" Wi-Fi.

Please DO NOT connect these devices to "Eduroam" or "Tulane Guest."

What is a MAC address? A 12-character ID code consisting of numbers and letters separated by colons and hyphens is usually located on the back of your device or within its settings. Click here to locate your device's MAC address.

Register your entertainment device

Contact the Service Desk at help@tulane.edu or 504-988-8888 if you continue to experience issues.

Expanded Outdoor Wi-Fi

Stay connected and work seamlessly outdoors

Faculty, staff, students, and affiliates can seamlessly work and learn outdoors across the Uptown campus on the Eduroam network. Guests can also access our outdoor Wi-Fi from the Tulane Guest Wi-Fi. 

Tulane visitors may join the Tulane Guest Wi-Fi for free and up to 24 hours per session.


Tulane Guest Wireless Network

Campus visitors may connect to our free "Tulane Guest" wireless network for up to 24 hours per session. No hassle or special permissions. Our new guest Wi-Fi provides seamless connectivity across all our campuses with key features like convenience, accessibility, extended access, and a simplified connection.

Join our Tulane Guest wireless network:

  1. Connect by selecting "Tulane Guest" from your wireless network option on your computer, mobile, or tablet device.

  2. Fill in the required fields on the pop-up authentication page. See below.

  3. Select "Login" to join for 24 hours.

Guests are not limited to the number of sessions they may access on the Tulane Guest wireless network. The new wireless service is great for Tulane-hosted meetings, conferences, events, and more that hosts guests on our campuses. 


Need Assistance ?

If you are unable to connect your device to eduroam, contact the Service Desk 

or write for assistance.