Tulane Password Expiration Notice

If you received the following password expiration notice from DoNotReply@tulane.edu, please take action to promptly change your password from the self-service portal: https://password.tulane.edu.

From: DoNotReply@tulane.edu<mailto:DoNotReply@tulane.edu>

Subject: 14 [ 7 or 1] Day Password Expiration Notice For user@tulane.edu

Dear [Your Name],

This is a courtesy email, notifying you that your Tulane password will expire 14 days from now.

Tulane’s password policy requires a user to change their password every 180 days.

You may reset your password at any time by visiting the Self-Service Password Portal, https://password.tulane.edu

Please promptly change your password to avoid being locked out of your Tulane account. Your Tulane accounts provides access to your email, wireless network, Gibson Online, Kronos and many other university applications.

If your password expires, contact the Service Desk at (504) 988-8888 or help@tulane.edu to create a new one.

Reset Your Password Remotely - Tulane Windows Devices Only
If you have a Tulane-issued Windows device and are resetting your password remotely, please follow these instructions:

  1. Before changing your password, connect to the VPN using your current Tulane credentials. If you haven’t downloaded the VPN client, you can set up the VPN here: https://it.tulane.edu/vpn-software.
  2. Once you have connected to the VPN, reset your password using the PW reset link above.
  3. IMPORTANT: After you reset your password, lock and unlock your screen by pressing Windows + L on your keyboard twice. This will prompt a login window to popup. Enter your TU email and NEW password.
  4. If your new password does NOT work when you are prompted to login, wait at least five minutes then reset your password again.


– Tulane IT