Zoom Webinar FAQs

How to book a webinar?

Complete the Webinar Reservation form. You must complete all required fields before you can submit the form.

Important tips for reserving a webinar:

  • If the webinar host listed on the reservation form has a Zoom for Healthcare (HIPAA Compliant) account, you must have a co-host with a Zoom Pro account to start your webinar. If you do not have a co-host with a Zoom Pro account, please request assistance in the notes section of the form.
  • Users requesting to host a webinar after 5:00 PM Monday-Friday must provide their preferred start time in the notes section of the request form
  • For weekend webinars, users must select a Friday date on the reservation calendar and provide your preferred date and time in the notes section of the form

What's the difference in a Zoom for Healthcare (HIPAA Compliant) and a Zoom Pro account?

If you are required to have a HIPAA compliant video conferencing account, then you should have a Zoom for Healthcare account. All general Zoom users at Tulane have a Zoom Pro account.

To check which account you have, log onto https://tulane.zoom.us/. Then, try to log into (using Tulane credentials) both Zoom Pro Account and Zoom for Healthcare to see which account you have access to. 

How do I request a HIPAA account? 

Visit our support portal to submit a Zoom for Healthcare Add/Remove request.    

How many participants can I host in a webinar?

The max number of participants that a host is allowed to have join a Tulane Zoom webinar is 3000. Tulane has four different webinar licenses that each have limits to the number of participants allowed to join. These licenses include a 100, 500, 1000, and 3000 participant limit. Participants do include your panelists, but not your host and co-host.

How many panelists can I have in a webinar? 

There is no limit to the number of panelists a host can have in a webinar. However, webinar panelists are considered participants and will be included in your attendee count. Therefore, your max number of panelists depends on the the webinar license you have requested. For example, if you want to reserve a 500-person webinar license, you can technically host up to 500 panelists. 

What is the difference in Zoom meetings and webinars?

Zoom offers two video conferencing options: meetings and webinars. Meetings target small to medium groups like departments, teams, or one-on-ones and allow for virtual collaboration and communication. Zoom webinars are designed to allow users to virtually host panelists or presenters for large groups, conferences, and events while attendees watch and/or listen in a view-only format with limited participation.


  • Are ideal for large audiences or events.
  • Are open to participants outside of Tulane.
  • Have options for hosts to engage participants through live polling, chat, and emoji features. 

Can I setup a department/resource account?

At this time, Tulane IT cannot setup Zoom Webinar Department/Resource accounts. If you wish to setup a Zoom Pro account for your department, please contact the IT desk for more information on costs and details.

Is my webinar secure?

All Tulane Zoom Webinars require a meeting ID and passcode to start and join the webinar. Hosts will receive a Meeting ID and Passcode for your webinar once registration is complete. The host has the option to turn the passcode setting off, but this is discouraged to ensure security during your event.

How do I request an all day webinar on the reservation form?

Currently, there is not an option to select an all day webinar on the reservation form. Therefore, you must submit a separate reservation for each time listed on the form for the day you wish to reserve.

Where do I go for help?

Contact the IT Service Desk with any questions or issues you have for Zoom Webinars.

Email: help@tulane.edu     Call: 504-988-8888