Zoom Webinars

Virtual events designed to allow users to host panelists or presenters for large groups, conferences, and events while attendees watch and/or listen in a view-only format with limited participation.

Complete the Webinar Reservation form.

Mac users should use Firefox or Chrome instead of Safari when reserving a Zoom Webinar. 

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What is a Zoom webinar?

Zoom offers two video conferencing options: meetings and webinars. Meetings target small to medium groups like departments, teams, or one-on-ones and allow for virtual collaboration and communication. Zoom webinars are designed to allow users to virtually host panelists or presenters for large groups, conferences, and events while attendees watch and/or listen in a view-only format with limited participation.

  • Ideal for large audiences or events.
  • Open to participants outside of Tulane.
  • Options for hosts to engage participants through live polling, chat, and emoji features. 

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Anyone with a Tulane Zoom account can host a webinar. However, hosts with a TU Zoom for Healthcare account must assign an alternative host with a TU Zoom Pro account to their webinar for HIPAA compliance.

  • The max number of attendees allowed in a Zoom Webinar is 3,000.

To complete a webinar reservation, you must...

  1. Determine the name of your webinar.
  2. Identify the webinar host (and co-host/alternative host- required for Zoom for Healthcare users).
  3. Know if you have a Zoom Pro or Zoom for Healthcare account (HIPAA Compliant).
  4. Provide a list of panelists if applicable.
  5. Confirm your date and time of webinar.*

Now, you are ready to complete the Zoom Webinar Reservation form.** ​​​​​​

*Users requesting to host a webinar after 5:00 PM Monday-Friday must select the latest time available on the reservation calendar. Then, provide the preferred start time in the notes section of the request form.

*For weekend webinars, users must select a Friday date and the latest time available on the reservation calendar and provide the preferred date and time in the notes section of the form. 

*All day Zoom Webinars require a separate reservation for each time available on that day.

**Please fill out every section of this form or your reservation will not successfully book. Mac users should use Firefox or Chrome instead of Safari when reserving a Zoom Webinar. 

host is the primary user or requestor who schedules the webinar. There is only one webinar host and this person has full permission to manage the webinar, panelists, and attendees.

Hosts can:

  • stop and start the webinar
  • mute panelists
  • stop panelists’ videos
  • remove attendees from the webinar
  • disable panelists features like starting video, screen sharing and recording
  • and more.

A co-host (or alternative host) oversees the administrative side of the webinar, such as managing attendees or starting/stopping the recording. Co-hosts cannot start a webinar and only hosts can assign a co-host to their webinar. If a host has a TU Zoom for Healthcare (HIPAA Compliant) account, they must assign a co-host to their webinar that has a TU Zoom Pro account. Tulane IT recommends assigning a co-host to help manage your webinar.

Panelists are full participants in a webinar that can view and send videos, screen share, annotate, and more. Only a host can assign a participant as a panelist. It is important to include your panelists names and emails in your Webinar Request form. 

Pro Tip: Schedule a practice session in advance of your webinar if you are hosting a panelists in your webinar. 

Attendees are view-only participants. The view of the attendees is controlled by the host. Attendees can interact with the host, co-host, and panelists through features like polling, Q&A, and the chat. 

You're already preparing if you've read this far.

We also recommend doing the following to help you better prepare: 

  • Confirm you received a Zoom webinar reservation confirmation from zoomwebinars@tulane.edu. Hosts will receive this auto-reply once your form has been properly submitted. 
  • Look for communications regarding details of your reservation from tulane@service-now.com. All reservation requests are handled by our IT Service Desk.
  • View our Zoom Webinar FAQs
  • Schedule a practice session prior to your webinar, using the Webinar Reservation form. Under the "Select Staff" section, select the 100 staff option. Then, in the "Webinar Name" box list Tutorial with IT. Be sure to include your preferred dates and times in the notes section and the co-hosts/panelists names and emails you want to attend.  
  • Additional questions should be submitted to our IT Service Desk, help@tulane.edu.

Hosts can contact help@tulane.edu to request webinar reports once their event has ended. Tulane automatically records all Zoom Webinars for our users. 

  • Performance reports display engagement statistics on registration, attendance, and feedback.
  • Reports capture the webinar’s Q&A, polling, and post-webinar survey results.
  • All reports are exportable as CSV files.
  • Recordings are accessible once the webinar is complete. 
  • Recording formats include video, audio, chat, and transcription. 

Accessibility Features

Closed Captioning (CC)

Hosts may assign manual closed caption typing options to one participant during a webinar. This enables the participant to type closed captions for other webinar participants who wish to enable this feature.

Assigning CC Permissions to a Participant:

  1. Once the participant joins the webinar, select the ... (ellipses) next to their name.
  2. Select "Assign to type Closed Caption."

Enabling CC as a Participant:

  1. Once the webinar begins, navigate to the meeting controls.
  2. Select "Closed Caption on Zoom."

Webinar Best Practices:

  • Provide your attendees with an explanation of the tools you will use during the webinar and highlight any expectations for the audience 

  • Host must submit a request for recording after the webinar has ended 

    • Recordings of webinars are beneficial because a host can send the recording to panelists and attendees to review and listen to the information again 

  • If you would like a Webinar Tutorial hosted by a Zoom Admin, you can submit a request in the webinar registration form; this tutorial is available for smaller licenses (100) and the host must include the date and time as well as prospective attendees for the tutorial  

  • Fill out every section of the webinar request form or your submission will not be evaluated 

  • In case of emergency during the webinar, contact Tulane’s service desk: (504)-988-8888  

  • Hosts and panelists may join the webinar 15 minutes prior to the start time

  • To request reports (i.e. Q&A, attendee, or registration) contact the IT Service Desk, help@tulane.edu  

Webinar Tips:

  • Start interacting with the audience early 

  • Consider a co-host for easier management of webinar 

  • All Tulane Zoom Webinars are automatically recorded

  • Plan a rehearsal with panelists, co-hosts, and hosts 

Pre-Webinar Checklist

  • Meet with panelists to confirm the webinar's structure and content 

  • Finalize your presentation; add poll questions as needed 

  • Check your list of attendees; encourage audience to download the desktop client or app before the webinar 

  • Set up and manage webinar tools 

Classroom Experience Associate (CEA)

Click this link if you would like to request a Classroom Experience Associate (CEA) to provide help during your webinar. Requests will be filled upon CEA availability. 

Now you are ready to host a webinar!

Complete the Webinar Reservation form to get started.

Have questions or need help?

Contact Tulane IT's Service Desk at help@tulane.edu or 504-988-8888.