Adobe Creative Cloud

Tulane Information Technology is pleased to offer the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of software, at no cost, to Tulane faculty and staff on their university owned computers. 

The Adobe Creative Cloud is the ultimate collection of industry standard tools for the creation and delivery of print, Web, and video content to mobile devices and desktops.

What's included?
The Adobe Creative Cloud includes the applications listed below. These may all be downloaded and installed on university owned computers used by faculty and staff.  More info on these applications is available from the Adobe site

Please note that the Tulane enterprise group license does not include online storage or collaboration options.

Who is eligible to use the Adobe Creative Cloud software?
Tulane has licensed the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of software for all faculty and staff for use on university owned computers.  Faculty and staff will be granted individual Adobe Creative Cloud accounts upon request, allowing them to install Adobe software on a university owned computer assigned for their use. Faculty and staff may install on up to two university owned computers as long as the systems will not be used at the same time - for example a desktop and laptop. Individual Adobe Creative Cloud accounts will NOT be granted to any of the following: students, university contractors, university affiliates, retired faculty and staff.

How do I get the software?
Log in to the Tulane University Information Technology online service site and choose "Order Things." From there, select "Accounts & ID Management." You will see "Adobe Creative Cloud" listed as a service. Your request will be evaluated and if eligible, approved within two days (usually sooner). Approved requests will receive  instructions and an invitation from Adobe to join the Tulane Adobe Creative Cloud enterprise group.

How do I download and install the software?
After you receive and respond to your Adobe Creative Cloud invitation, please read the download and installation instructions in the Tulane IT Knowledge Base.

What does the software cost?
At this time, there is no cost to faculty and staff for individual Adobe Creative Cloud accounts.

I have a desktop and a laptop computer - can I install Adobe Creative Cloud on both?
You may install the Adobe Creative Cloud software on multiple computers, but only two may be active at any one time. If you try to log into a third instance of Adobe Creative Cloud, you will be forced to sign out of one of your previous instances. This is useful for users with desktops and laptops, or users with multiple office locations.

What about Adobe Acrobat Pro, Captivate, and Presenter?
Tulane has also licensed Adobe Acrobat Pro XI, Captivate 8.0 and Presenter 10. This software is available at no cost under the same stipulations as the Adobe Creative Cloud (faculty and staff, only; university-owned machines, etc.) but is not downloaded and activated through the Creative Cloud desktop application.

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro XI – visit the Tulane e-Academy storefront and select “Faculty/Staff” and then “Adobe.” The Adobe Acrobat Pro license key will also come form the e-Academy site after you submit your request
  • Captivate & Presenter – This software will be available to faculty and staff from the Tulane e-Academy storefront.

Can I install Adobe Creative Cloud software in my computer lab for students to use?
Yes! Tulane's Adobe Creative Cloud license allows for installation on university owned, student accessible, shared computers.  These computers must be university owned or leased, they must remain on a Tulane campus, and they must be accessible to multiple users.

To request a lab package log in to the Tulane University Information Technology Online Service Catalog here.  Log in if prompted, using your Tulane email credentials.

  1. Choose Order Things
  2. Select Instructional Technology
  3. Select Computer Labs - Adobe Creative Cloud for Multiple Users
  4. Complete the form and select Order Now

Your request will be evaluated and if eligible, approved within two days (usually sooner).

Do I need to be online to use Adobe Creative Cloud?
No, not continuously.  However, Adobe Creative Cloud attempts to make a call to Adobe servers once a day to verify account status. If the account is in good standing, the software is refreshed to run for a least 99 days while being online. The software still reminds you to connect to the Internet during this time. These reminders can be suppressed until the last 30 days, when a daily message prompts you to go online and refresh the software status.

Additional information and policies

  • Tulane's Adobe Creative Cloud enterprise group license does NOT currently allow for installation on personal (non-Tulane) computers
  • Faculty and staff who separate from the university will have their accounts revoked and must uninstall all Adobe software licensed through the university
  • If at any time the Tulane-Adobe licensing agreement expires or otherwise ends, Adobe software licensed under that agreement must be uninstalled

Where can I get help?
Call the Service Desk at 504-988-8888 or submit a ticket online.