Adobe Creative Cloud

Tulane offers Adobe Creative Cloud free to Tulane employees and students. To request access to a license, please visit our
Adobe Tulane Download portal:

Adobe Creative Cloud is the ultimate collection of industry-standard tools for creating and delivering multi-media content for mobile devices and desktops.

What's included?

The Tulane Adobe Creative Cloud includes all Adobe applications and services. These may all be downloaded and installed on university-owned (employees) or personal (students) computers. Adobe information, training, and tutorials are available via our Adobe Tulane guide in Canvas.  

Adobe Tulane Guide

Who is eligible?

Adobe Creative Cloud is available to all employees and students. Employees license are valid for a year and must be renewed on an annual basis. Student licenses are valid for a semester and must be renewed on a bi-annual basis.

How do I access a license and download?

Visit the Adobe Tulane Download portal to claim your license and download either Adobe Arcrobat or the entire Creative Cloud suite. You may log in to your Adobe products using your Tulane email address and password. You may also download the mobile apps and log in using your Tulane credentials. 

Adobe Tulane Download Portal

How many devices may I install Adobe desktop apps?

You may install your Tulane license Adobe apps on up to two devices. 

Additional information and policies

  • Tulane's Adobe Creative Cloud enterprise group license does NOT currently allow for installation on personal (non-Tulane) computers for employees. Students may download on their personal devices. 
  • Faculty and staff who separate from the university will have their accounts revoked and must uninstall all Adobe software licensed through the university
  • If at any time the Tulane-Adobe licensing agreement expires or otherwise ends, Adobe software licensed under that agreement must be uninstalled