Duo Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication protects sensitive data using a two-step identification validation process for accessing Tulane accounts.

Required for the following:

Employee and manager self-service portals, email, Teams, OneDrive, and PulseSecure VPN

Set up your Tulane Duo MFA account, visit mfa.tulane.edu.

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Multi-Factor Authentication
New cybersecurity requirement for Tulane accounts

Cybersecurity attacks can cripple an individual's work and the Tulane community.

Phishing and ransomware attacks are common within our community, exposing personal information of multiple users on the dark web. With the continued increase in global cyberattacks, Tulane senior leadership is implementing an IT security program to improve our posture in cybersecurity. Duo MFA increases protection of our community and email systems by blocking cyberattacks through a secondary authentication method other than your Tulane password.  

How does Duo work?

  • Provides multi-device and account protection.

  • Protects accounts using a secondary authentication method.

  • Authenticates quickly and easily with Duo mobile from your smart device.

  • Use a passcode sent via text message or phone call to your mobile device.

  • Remember your device for 30 days to minimize authenticating on same device. 

Set up your account and enroll today!

Enter your Tulane email address and password to get started with your account setup. 

What are the requirements?

  • All new Tulane employees will be automatically enrolled in Duo MFA. Employees will be prompted to set up their Duo account when they log in to email or the employee self-service portal.

  • All student email accounts will be enrolled in phases from June through December 2022.

  • Students should set up their Duo accounts and self-enroll before their enrollment date.
    Visit mfa.tulane.edu to get started. 

View the student enrollment schedule.


Quickly and easily verify your identity using push authentication to your smart device with a click of a button. 

Duo mobile is available for Apple iOS and Google Android phones and tablets.


Visit mfa.tulane.edu to set up your Duo account and enroll your Tulane account.

Employees may also log in to Employee self-service portal or Tulane email account to begin the enrollment process. 

Tutorial: Setup your account

  • Minimize steps by checking the box "remember my device for 30 days" from the Duo authentication page. Each device you use to log in to your Tulane account will require you to authenticate.
  • Download the Duo mobile app for your smart device (phones and tablets) for a quicker and easier authentication experience. 
  • Enroll a mobile phone number during setup. Do not enroll a landline or email address.
  • Read our FAQs.

​​​​​Duo authentication and self-enrollment features are compatible with screen readers such as NVDA and VoiceOver on PCs and Macs. Additionally, the mobile app is accessible to voiceover functionality on Apple and Android devices. Duo also has made all the authentication and self-enrollment features accessible by keyboard for people with limited motor skills.

  • Desktop/Laptop Users Contact the Service Desk to request a Duo Token or USB Security Key. Proof of documentation required from Tulane's Office of Accessibility.

  • Smartphone/Tablet Users Duo Mobile app allows users to log in to MFA using a randomly generated security code or to approve log in via a push notification.


Contact the Service Desk for more information, to request help, or to enroll in Duo.

Help@tulane.edu  |  504-988-8888

iPhone & iPad  |  Android  |  Windows  |  Smart (Internet-Based) Mobile Devices

Download the Duo MFA mobile app for your smart device.  

iOS mail client
If you have setup your Tulane email account in the iOS mail client, you will be required to delete and reconfigure your Outlook email on your device after Duo is enabled for your email.

Zoom contact and calendar integration
The contacts and calendar integration connects your Tulane email calendar to Zoom. When Duo is enabled the integration requires users to reconfigure their TU email calendar with their Zoom account. Follow the on-screen prompts from the Zoom desktop and mobile apps on all connected (or registered) devices.

If you have created Tulane accounts for or configured your Tulane email with one of the following third-party applications, you may experience issues accessing or authenticating these accounts. These applications are not supported by Tulane IT. Contact the Service Desk for alternative solutions.  

  • Calendly

  • Doodle

  • Pine 

  • Eudora 

  • Third-party email services (IMAP/POP email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)
    If you have configured your Tulane email with a third-party email service, you will no longer be able to access your Tulane email using that service. Duo does not support this configuration. 

  • Outlook for PC 2010 and prior 

  • Outlook 2011 for Mac and all versions of MS Entourage 

  • Apple Mail app on laptops or desktops running operations systems (OS) versions 10.13 and prior (i.e., High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Tiger, Panther, Jaguar, Pum, and Cheetah)

Are you traveling abroad?

Download Duo mobile to your smart device and use the Push option to authenticate your Tulane accounts.