Self Service Password Portal

Use this portal to manage or reset your Tulane user account password. 

Your Tulane user account is used to access e-mail, WiFi, and the university's single sign on applications, including but not limited to Gibson, Canvas, Splash card account, Microsoft 365, Teams, and the student employee self-service portal. 

For assistance changing other passwords, contact the Help Desk, or 504-988-8888.

Managing your Tulane account password

Review our password policy. 

Follow our guidelines to create a strong password.

Visit the self-service password portal.

  • If your password is expiring, choose I KNOW my Current Password.
  • If you forgot your password or are locked out of your account, choose I FORGOT my Current Password.

Below is a view of the password portal. 

I know My Current Password Change your current password. If you have a new Tulane user account you can use the initial password from your new account email notification to set a new password.


I FORGOT my Current Password You don't know your current password and need to reset it.  You will need access to your enrolled alternate email address or mobile phone number to reset your password.  Go to SSPR Enrollment for more information.



Never share your personal information, such as:

  • Your Tulane Password
  • Your Tulane Student ID
  • Your Social Security Number

Tulane University Information Technology will never under any circumstances request your password via email or non-Tulane website.

Any messages you receive that ask you for this information or direct you to a non-Tulane website that requests this information should be ignored and deleted.

Password Expiration Policy 

All Tulane accounts are enrolled in Tulane's password expiration policy. Passwords expire every 180 days, and expiration notices are automatically sent from every 14, 7, and 1 day(s) before your password is set to expire. To learn more, read Tulane's password policy.